Community Events


I am available to speak to groups both large and small. I have spoken to several groups including dietetic peers, colleagues and medical staff; teachers, schools and universities; athletes and coaches; adolescents and teens; and church and women’s groups. I can speak on a wide variety of topics specific to my area of specialty, included, but not limited to, eating disorders, the non-diet approach to weight management, body image awareness and enhancement, and mindful eating. My presentations include audio visuals, handouts, interactive experiences and resources.

Book Club Discussion Group

This group meets monthly and runs similar to any other “book club.” It is a light social activity for those in recovery from and eating disorder or chronic dieting. Each book selection is recovery-focused. Click here to see the current schedule of meeting times and book titles.

Create-A-Plate Day

This fun-filled day is held 2 times per year at a local pottery store. We meet as a group for 2 hours to design and create an inspirational plate that can be used for your personal meals. It is a great opportunity to get involved in your recovery in a social setting. Click here for specific details for the next event. (Again, can the words “click here” be a link for a Word or PDF 1 page document detailing this specific event?) Be sure to view some of the plates already created on the Art & Inspiration section of this website.