Fees For Services

Initial Nutrition Evaluation and Assessment1 hour 15 minutes$165.00
Follow-Up Nutrition Counseling Session40 minutes$85.00
Phone Counseling Sessions40 minutes$80.00
Weight Checks15 minutes$20.00
Nutrition Skills Group10 weeks/ 1 ½ hour sessions$550.00
Body Image Group10 weeks/ 1 ½ hour sessions$600.00
Mindful Eating Group8 weeks/ 1 ½ hour sessions$450.00
Community Meal Support1 meal$15.00
unlimited meals per month$240.00
Presentations** Billed separately based on location/driving time, length of presentation, and materials used.
Book Club Discussion Group**This is a community event and there is no charge for attending
Create-A-Plate Day**This is a community event; cost is solely based on project chosen at the pottery location, and no profit is collected by Nutrition Counseling Center.

Fees for service are due at the time of service. Cash, personal check and credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) is accepted. Insurance may or may not cover for the above services. Reimbursement depends on your individual coverage and your diagnosis. Reimbursement is the your responsibility to submit and collect for; however, any documentation you may need to support your claim for coverage will be provided to you by Nutrition Counseling Center.